PRIORI® Aha Multi Layer Skin Renewal

This programme uses alpha hydroxy acids found in fruit and foods, lactic from sour milk, glycolic acid from sugar cane and mailic acid from apples. Dates back to Cleopatra's skin routine. AHA's exfoliate and moisturise, skin appears smoother, radiant and more youthful.

AHA Skin Peel 30 mins £47


PRIORI® CoffeeBerry® Natural Skin Care

This programme contains 90% natural ingredients and is endorsed by physicians nationwide as the greatest aint-ageing skincare breakthrough. CoffeeBerry® extract provides optimum anti-ageing benefits.


CoffeeBerry® Facial 1 hr £57


DiamondTomeTM Treatment

This unique deep exfoliation treatment uses diamond tipped wands to remove dead skin cells, this reveals a smoother, more radiant youthful complexion and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells. Ideal for any skin type and particularly indicated for premature ageing, sun damage, problem skins and uneven skin tone.


DiamondTomeTM Treatment 30 mins £42 or Course of 3 £85


Faith Lift Facial By Tibby Olivier

Non surgical face lift - gives dramatic results in an instant, lifts, tones and firms - leaving skin refined and radiant, achieving instantly noticeable lifted firmer skin. This is a miracle facial.


Faith Lift Facial 45 mins £40


Red Light Therapy

Deep skin rejuvenating treatment to promote healthy skin. Can be added to any facial for an extra 10 mins £5